Critical Repair

Powhatan County is bucolic. The median household income is $73,657. Like many rural areas in Virginia, poverty is hidden. Our agency has made a concerted effort to identify families that own houses but are unable to pay for upkeep making them unsafe and unhealthy. We have developed a critical repair program that is rapidly growing. From 7/2017 – 1/2018 we spent more than $51,000 repairing 25 houses occupied by the elderly and single mothers with children. We consistently discover situations that are parallel to those in third world countries. The rain and wind pour in, the furnaces have been broken for years, the hot water heaters have burned out, the occupants are falling through the floors, there is no potable water, the septic systems are failing, mold has taken over, etc., etc. We have more requests for repairs then we have resources.  Funding this project will make an immediate and lasting change in the lives, health, and safety of the elderly folks and families that we serve. Critical repair is an ongoing project. It is a desperately needed expansion of our core mission of building affordable houses.